Get the ball rolling on your tub-to-shower conversion in La Salle, Loveland & Greeley, CO

Make It Easy to Get Clean

Climbing over your bathtub wall every time you want to bathe can get dangerous. PRO Marble Installation can complete your tub-to-shower conversion and make your bathroom more accessible. People in their golden years have different needs when it comes to self-care. Changing out an unwieldy bathtub for a shower helps seniors:

Bathe without a nurse | Avoid slipping and falling | Rest with a corner seat installation | Rely on shower handles | Wash themselves quicker

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A bathtub-to-shower conversion makes showering more convenient

As your family members get older, it gets more and more difficult for them to maneuver into the tub. We'll work on your bathtub-to-shower conversion so it's easier for your loved ones to get into their showers. Grooming and bathing are important when it comes to self-care, and it makes a big difference in the lives of seniors when they can keep clean and comfortable without too much assistance.

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